Balancing Scooter Buying Guide

Even though they may look the same, Hoverboards do not all look alike. There are many brands of hoverboards that vary in the quality and design of their parts and components. Cheap Hoverboards, which are often cheap, break in a matter of months and require constant calibration, can be broken within a matter of months. Quality Hoverboards, however, can last for years.

Which hoverboard is best for me?

Customers frequently ask which board is best for them and their children. We will answer most of your questions so you can make an informed decision. You might also find it interesting to read our Frequently Asked Questions section.


What hoverboards are you offering?

There are currently four models of hoverboards available:

* H6 – Our most popular model, with 6.5" wheels. This model offers great value and an all-round experience. The H6 is ideal for indoor and outdoor use on smooth surfaces.

* H8 – The larger 8-inch wheel diameter makes H8 hoverboards ideal for those who want to have more power on uneven terrain and still enjoy the same versatility of the H6.

* H11- Our largest model has 11-inch inflatable wheels. This allows it to travel on rugged terrain and provides support for heavier riders.

* H9 Offroad - This is the ultimate off-road hoverboard with 8.5 inch off-road tyres. You can use it on any terrain.

Which size should I get?

Your needs will determine the size of your wheels. For younger riders and less experienced riders, the H6 is best. However, those who want to ride on uneven surfaces outdoors may choose to use the H8 or to upgrade to H11 with larger wheels. The H9 Off-Road Board might be the right choice for you if you're interested in off-roading through gravel and grass.

Are I too heavy for a hoverboard?

Riders on the H6 or H8 can carry 120 kg. Riders can be supported up to 110 kg by the H11 or H9 Off-Road.

Do you have a minimum weight limit?

To use any Hoverboard model, you must be at least 20 kgs.

Inflatable wheels or solid wheels?

The size of solid wheels is usually smaller. Although they are durable and long-lasting, solid wheels tend to be smaller. This is because it's easier to balance on uneven surfaces. Flat surfaces should be avoided with the H6 model. The H8 hoverboard is more stable and can be used on slightly uneven surfaces.

The H11 model's 11-inch inflatable wheels provide greater stability and versatility. They can be used on uneven and grassy surfaces as well. The H9 Hoverboard's extra-wide rubber all-terrain tires are specially designed to enable you to travel on almost any surface.


Is there an age limit?

We recommend that all riders are at least 6 years old for any of our models.

They move so fast!

Our models all have a top speed of around 20km/h

What is the maximum distance I can travel with a hoverboard?

To cut costs, many discount Hoverboard brands that you can find in big box stores or Amazon have smaller capacity batteries. This is because the battery pack is the most expensive part of a hoverboard. These Hoverboards can be recharged only 200 times and last only a few miles. All Hoverboards are equipped with the most recent high-capacity batteries that will last for 700 lifecycles.

Are there any other features?

Our hoverboards all come with Bluetooth speakers, so you can enjoy music wherever you are.


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